Dog Insurance for Older Dogs

Insuring an older dog

Insuring your older dog can pose questions and issues that are different from insuring a young puppy. Some pet insurance companies will hold an upper age limit and won't cover a dog past a certain age. The difference between cats and dogs is that certain dog breeds are affected by age limits. Different breeds have a different life expectancy. You will need to check with different insurance companies, because age limits won't apply to every company. Companies may recommend that you insure your pet with a long-term policy; your dog should then be covered for the length of their life as opposed to a 12 month plan which they might not be able to renew at the end of the term due to the dog's age. A long-term policy might be right for you in case your dog unfortunately develops an on-going condition. Trying to take out a policy with a new pet insurer may prove difficult if your dog has an on-going condition as some companies do not cover pre-existing conditions.

Is your dog too old for pet insurance?

The life expectancy in dogs varies between breeds. Typically, small dogs can live up to the age of 15-16, and medium and large dogs 10-13 years, although they can live to be 20 (140 in dog years). A Greyhound has a life expectancy of 9-15 years, whereas for a Border Collie it is 10-17 years. Some pet insurance companies won't insure pets of an old age as they are more likely to make a claim, and some of these claims won't be covered by the policies offered. If your dog is five years old or younger, it might be worth considering a long-term policy. However, some insurance companies still hold an upper age limit with their long-term policies. At Pets Insure Together we have no upper age limit (though you can't take out a new policy if your dog is aged 8 years or older) and will continue to insure your dog for as long as they live. Insurance Terms of Business apply.


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